Volunteer Toolkit

Searching for Service

Our office works with a variety of nonprofit organizations across the High Country and often learn of pressing needs for volunteers. We compile these details to share with students who are interested in getting involved in local efforts. Review our community volunteer database to find your next act of service!

Engaging with Organizations

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, one in four Americans serve as a volunteer. Volunteering is a significant way to contribute to your local community and serve a cause you are passionate about, all while building key skills for your personal and professional development.

Many organizations rely on volunteers to help meet their goals and maximize their output. When reaching out to organizations, we ask our students to be considerate of the staff's time, the organization's needs and responsibilities, and the clients that they may be interacting with on-site. Volunteering can come in many different forms: daily operations, serving on committees, working an event, hosting drives, and so much more! Consider the ways your time commitments and skills can meet an organization's need.

Becoming an Active Citizen

Direct service can be a transformational learning experience that develops students' leadership potential and introduces them to new perspectives and critical discourse. The Active Citizen Continuum helps envision the development journey of students involved in community-engaged service.

Active Citizen Continuum

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