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Leadership Studies Minor

App State is about developing leaders. Whether you’re interested in taking one leadership course or earning the Leadership Studies (LDS) Minor, we have excellent learning opportunities that prepare you to lead.

Our leadership courses help you to develop life and career skills such as critical thinking, team development, conflict resolution, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, and consensus building.

In addition, leadership studies is a resume builder that stands out to employers who value leadership education and experience because it tells them that you are ready to accept the challenge to lead in an increasingly diverse and challenging environment.

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Earn a Leadership Studies (LDS) Minor

You receive a Leadership Studies Minor after completing 18 hours in leadership studies and related courses. The Leadership Studies Minor takes an interdisciplinary approach and allows you to draw from a variety of disciplines. You’ll learn that leadership is a process and be exposed to many different perspectives that enhance critical thinking and decision-making.

Required Courses**

  • Principles of Leadership- LDS 2700 (Core Course 1)
  • One of the following upper-level Leadership Studies Electives: (Core Course 2)
    • LDS 3100
    • LDS 3200
    • LDS 3530-3549 or 4530-4549 - Selected Topics
    • LDS 4300
  • Senior Capstone Leadership Seminar- LDS 4700 (Core Course 3)
  • 9 additional credit hours are made up of courses that are related to the study and process of leadership.
    • Understanding groups, organizations, or communities
    • Communication skills
    • Effective management, facilitation
    • Ethics, culture, diversity

**Beginning with courses for Fall 2023, all core courses offered for the Leadership Studies Minor will be listed in the course catalog with the prefix LDS. This is an update from the previous HPC prefix. 

Interested in the Leadership Studies Minor?

If you are interested in the Leadership Studies Minor then these are your next steps to take:

  • Review the Program of Study (opens in a new tab) in the Undergraduate Bulletin to determine which courses you may need to take.
  • Complete the Minor Interest Form (opens in a new tab) and look for an upcoming Interest Session on Engage (opens in a new tab).
  • Before declaring a minor, talk with your Academic Advisor about the requirements within your specific college or department.
  • Ask your advisor if courses counting towards your major can also fulfill electives for the minor. Substitutions to approved electives for the minor may be made with the approval of the Leadership Studies Program Director.
  • Attend an Information Session on the Leadership Studies Minor 
  • Contact Community-Engaged Leadership and/or the Leadership Studies Program Director at [email protected] with additional questions.