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The Leadership Studies Program, a part of the Human Development and Psychological Counseling department (HPC) in the Reich College of Education, offers a number of courses each semester. Leadership Studies courses utilize critical reflection, active engagement, and community-based learning to explore the phenomenon of leadership through theory, research, scholarship, and lived experience. All courses (except Senior Leadership Capstone) are open to all students interested in learning about leadership, even if you aren’t a part of the Minor.  


HPC 2700: Principles of Leadership: This course is designed to introduce students to models and theories of leadership and to create an understanding of the increasing complexity of leading in diverse contexts. It will provide opportunities to wrestle with large leadership questions such as “What is leadership?”, “Who can be a leader?”, “How does understanding self and others influence leadership?” 

  • Multiple sections offered every semester; Designed for first and second year students


HPC 3536: Leadership and Culture (Study Abroad): This course is designed to provide intellectual and cultural immersion into the role of leadership and followership within social movements. Utilizing the specific context of Barcelona, Spain, students will explore how leadership concepts apply to the city’s unique cultural identity and activist history within Spain and the Catalunya independence movement.

  • Offered in May, Summer Session 1; Application through OIED required 


HPC 3100: Ethical Leadership: Through the examination of moral and ethical frameworks, students will develop their efficacy in analyzing multiple perspectives, decision-making, and navigating complexity. This course focuses on values-based leadership and one’s responsibilities and commitments in the context of leadership for the common good and for purposeful change. 

  • Offered every Fall semester


HPC 3200: Leadership for Social Change: This course explores social change as both a process and a goal through the lens of adaptive leadership theory. Frameworks, strategies, and models for personal, organizational, and societal change will be examined in an experiential and reflective class environment utilizing pedagogies of mindfulness and dialogue.

  • Offered every Spring semester


HPC 3540: Leading Change: Campus Activism (new in 2021!): This course is a 3-credit hour dialogue-based seminar exploring student leadership and activism on college campuses from the formation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) at Shaw University during the Civil Rights Movement to Occupy Wall Street, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and others. Using traditional and modern change theoretical models students will analyze and discuss the efficacy of these models in leading change from an activist perspective.

  • Offered in Fall semester


HPC 4300: Advanced Leadership Development:  Designed for designated student body officers/leaders to develop and practice their leadership capabilities, this course emphasizes an understanding of leadership and action within the University community.

  • Offered in Fall semester; Restricted for those with formal leadership roles in university student organizations 


HPC 4700: Senior Leadership Capstone:  As a culminating academic experience  for the Leadership Studies Minor, this seminar is designed to be both retrospective and integrative. Course activities will promote synthesis of relevant concepts and experiences in order to formulate your own perspectives and beliefs on leadership.

  • One section offered every semester; Restricted to students with senior standing in the Leadership Studies Minor

  • Completion of HPC 2700 required as a pre-requisite


Review the Undergraduate Bulletin for a full description of all Leadership Studies courses and the official Program of Study for the Leadership Minor.

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