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CEL has Many Opportunities for Personal & Professional Growth

The Office of Community-Engaged Leadership has many opportunities for personal and professional growth in leadership and one's sense of community. As the university expands, so does the desire to connect with one another. CEL works to create opportunities for students to develop genuine connections with their local and global communities in addition to their fellow ASU peers. Below are three testimonies from students involved in a variety of CELs jobs, programs, and opportunities.

Kammy Kasher, Social work, Class of 2023:
"This semester, I had the opportunity to lead a group on an Alternative Service Experience aimed to educate about environmental justice. While contributing to conservation work along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we discussed the nuances of an intersectional approach to environmentalism! The opportunity to work alongside local organizations has highlighted the importance of holistic community building. Additionally, I aided in the facilitation of our office's annual plant sale, which allowed me to grow in my professional development and gain business experience."

Harmony Brown, Elementary Education, Class of 2024:
"Working in the CEL Office involves being surrounded by your biggest cheerleaders and mentors. A sense of belonging and a comforting atmosphere radiates throughout the office. Whether it is the formations and cute post-it notes on the office desk, there are always motivational factors that coincide with the job. As a college student, it is evident that my school-life balance is prioritized and supported."

Rylan O'Connor, Electronic Media & Broadcasting, Class of 2023:
“I learned some of the most valuable life skills during my three years in the Leadership Studies minor…it has made me more empathetic to myself and others, stronger, more patient, more understanding, and leaves me with a desire to improve constantly as a human being. I believe by being a strong leader, and always striving to be the best version of myself will benefit my career, community, and personal life.”

May 10