About CEL


The Office of Community-Engaged Leadership (CEL) engages Appalachian State University students in academic, experiential, and community-oriented programs that enhance their capacity to serve and lead in socially-responsible ways for the benefit of their local and global communities.



Active Learning: Through experiential learning and reflection, our office fosters personal growth, intentional education, and critical analysis to understand social issues and work toward equity. We believe in the importance of developing both personally and professionally, and we embrace continuing reflection.

Ongoing Responsibility: Through educational resources and engagement opportunities, we develop aspiring active citizens who are accountable for their actions and understand their obligation in creating a just and sustainable future for all.

Connection to Community: Through leadership development and service learning opportunities, our office connects students to each other and the local and global community in an effort to build reciprocal relationships and cross-cultural understanding.


Learning Outcomes

By participating in programs and education through the Office of Community-Engaged Leadership, students will be able to:

  • Articulate multiple perspectives related to any one particular social issue
  • Identify skills that are useful when coping with interpersonal conflict
  • Articulate ways their behavior can impact their local and/or global communities
  • Demonstrate their developed sense of ongoing social responsibility by articulating ways they will contribute to their local and/or global communities through personal and professional choices
  • Develop knowledge of leadership perspectives and concepts for effectively engaging in leadership
  • Build skills required for effectively engaging in leadership
  • Enhance their self-efficacy to engage in leadership within multiple contexts and roles
  • Increase their desire and persistence to engage in leadership

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